Antonio Conte Attacks Jose Mourinho Again

Chelsea’s manager, Antonio Conte, continued his war of words with Jose Mourinho on Saturday and called the Manchester United manager “little man”.


Jose Mourinho made a comment last week on the match-fixing, trying to hint that Conte had been suspended for four months in the 2012-2013 season for the match-fixing that Antonio Conte was suspected of, but he was declared innocent later on in Serie A.

Conte said “I think when you try to hurt someone, you should know very well what happened,” Conte said after the 2-0 draw to Norwich City in the FA Cup first round.

Knowing that Antonio Conte has also called Jose Mourinho, Chelsea’s former president and Manchester United’s manager right now, a little man and fake, and Conte insisted that Jose Mourinho was always and will be in the future just a fake little man.

This will increase the war of words between the two managers, and Jose Mourinho is expected to continue this war in the first conference he talks to, knowing that Manchester United don’t have any matches for around a week until they meet Stoke City in the Premier League after they got knocked out from the Carabao Cup against Bristol City, and will have more rest than Chelsea.


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